"We Have Never Witnessed Such Rapid Change And Rise To Technology In Such Short Time..."
Here's Why Many Of The World's Most Savvy Investors Are Already Diverting Their Funds To Invest In This...
(Yet Commoners Gets Scammed By It...)
I'll Reveal To You This Simple Difference You Need To Know
I'll reveal to you
  • Why this currency can be a store of value for your money
  • Why it will be gaining a 2nd wave
  • How me and my community is still profiting from this even in the bear market for the last 2 years!
Wednesday, 28th April 2021 @ 8:00pm - 9.30pm GMT
"We Have Never Witness Such Rapid Change And Rise To Technology In Such Short Time..."
Here's Why Many Of The World's Most Savvy Investors Are Already Diverting Their Funds To Invest In This...
(Yet Commoners Gets Scammed By It...)
I'll Reveal To You This Simple Difference You Need To Know
I'll reveal to you
-Why this currency can be a store of value for your money 

-Why it will be gaining a 2nd wave

-How me and my community is still profiting from this even in the bear market for the last 2 years!

Wed, 28th Apr 2021
@ 8:00pm - 9.30pm GMT


Here's what you're going to take away from this Masterclass

Why Is Crypto A Safe Haven To Hedge Against A Sinking Economy

I show you all the solution that points to this un-governed currency, and how this covid situation might create the true usefulness of this alternative currency dominance

Automated Passive Returns Method

No it's not what you think, and it doesn't involve trading, this method alone have gotten me at least 12% year on year return on investment!

The Bear Market Method

Me and my community have been through these 2 years of crypto bear market, yet we are still profiting from it, this method is perfect even when bitcoin goes down

Just Look At What My Students Are Sharing With Me In The Longest Running Crypto Group In Asia

"Chris gives us a very good grounding. I think it's very helpful for us to have this mentor, always there in the chat, to be ready and really reach out to us if there's any issues. Because Chris is a Singaporean as well, the program is tailored to how a Singaporean can actually start our journey in Crypto.
- Nicholas
"Chris is completely committed to help his students to understand, learn well and making sure that we can apply the learning. He even contacts me outside of classes to ensure that my issues are resolved. " 
- Leslie
"I have attended quite a few courses in the past and after that, things just died down. But for Chris, he actually built a community so that his students can continue to learn through this community. Everytime he gets a new wonderful idea, he always test it out first, making sure that it's safe and feasible before he will introduce it to the community.
- Karchun
"I learned a lot of new things from the community that I've never even read about and believe me, I actually do read daily news about Crypto. So it's definitely something that is very value-adding. Generally, all my crypto assets are up by 12% minimum.
- Steven

Meet Your Experienced Trainers

Chris Long
Cryptocurrency Analyst and Founder of Cryptoknight Asia

  • Since 2021, 4000% returns from cryptocurrency investments
  • ​MSc Applied Finance with Singapore Management University
  • Sole recipient of the 2015 Columbia Thread needle Investment Award
  • Former DCM banker for Multinational and Regional banks
  • ​Has a knack for simplifying the complex, identifying trends and helping people obtain investment insights

Aik Keong
Trainer & Mentor @ Cryptoknight Asia

  • Since 2021, 600% returns from cryptocurrency investments
  • ​Graduate from Cryptoknight Program in 2017
  • ​MSc Applied Finance with Singapore Management University
  • Passionate about investing, studying stock market and companies
  • ​Mentor and community manager of over 580 in the Cryptoknight community
  • ​​Skilled in portfolio management and wealth goal setting

Longest Running Crypto Community In Asia

Hey friends,
I'm sure it has been awhile since you've heard anything about this alternative currency.

We all experienced that huge spike in value right before the impending crash, ever since then this currency have gone quiet.

I know many of you have been badly burnt and I don't blame you.

Back in the days, there are so many "coaches" out there who suddenly became "Crypto Gurus", giving advices which just led them to just keep buying bitcoin without proper fundamentals and risk mitigation.

And when the crash happens, so does all the "coaches"...

Profitting In The Bear Market In The Last 2 Years

Thankfully my community of students have been diligently following my methodology and wasn't as affected by this.
In fact, while bitcoin went into the bear market after the crash, my students are still getting profits out of it!
That is why I dare say that we have built the longest running crypto community in Asia!

Everywhere Is Sinking

It's no surprise that there is an impending global recession just waiting to hit the shores

Everyone is panicking, preparing for the worst

Many people are afraid to be doing any sort of investment right now due to the uncertainty

Just take a look at this
This announcement on April 10 did not surprise me, because it was their last few options left...
But doing so meant that there was no more place to hide for everyday investors.

That's right.

Whether you are long the market, or short the market right now.

If you're trading in US dollars or any other fiat currency, you should be extremely worried! 
This means in the best case, high inflation.
In the worst case...
And all the countries are following suit...
This means that holding cash might not be the best idea...

And did we mention that value in properties and rental are most likely to drop?

Everywhere is sinking

Why This Can Be A Hedge Of Value And A Potential Investment Opportunity

If you want to secure your financial future, Bitcoin may not be just a gimmick anymore.

In fact, it may be one of the last few options left for you.

And here's why...

Bitcoin is not managed by any one government or person.

Bitcoin cannot be printed.

Bitcoin is scarce.

Bitcoin is borderless.

And it well may be the Future of Money.

Look at what Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the Best Selling Rich Dad Poor dad tweeted:
Robert Kiyosaki is not alone.
Peter Thiel, one of the founders of Paypal weighs in:
And the award-winning Economist and author, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, makes this comment too:
And this Covid situation is accelerating the adoption of Bitcoin...
In fact, the more uncertain our future of money becomes, the more useful Bitcoin becomes...
BUT, Don't Dive In Just Yet! 
'm sure right now you're thinking, you should just pour all your money into Bitcoin

Slow down...

Just like a diving into the pool without checking the depth, people might get drowned because of it

Remember what happened in 2018 when Bitcoin crashed?

Yes, what you need is a proven system that can hedge and profit from this, even if there is a the storm

Being the longest running crypto community in Asia, I can safely say we have seen our fair share of ups and downs

But more importantly how we have mitigated against this risk

Just look at the returns I'm getting even if we're in the crypto bear market

And I'll be sharing all of that during my online Masterclass here:

Riding The 2nd Wave
Online Masterclass
Secrets to hedging against the sinking economy

Date: Wednesday, 28th April 2021
Time: 8:00PM - 9:30PM GMT+8

Currently we are limiting our webinar to max 100pax, as we want to keep our group intimate to answer to all of your questions.
Once we hit 100 people, the webinar will be FULL, so please register now before it fills ups!

Online Masterclass Special!

Online Masterclass Special!

Receive a FREE PDF copy of the "Top 10 Crypto Guide" at the end of the webinar!
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